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Other people's smiles make me smile

Δημοσθένης Κυρίμης

Dimosthénis Kyrímis (Dimos)

Date of birth: 27 august 1980 /
Place of birth: Athens, Greece /
Study: Accountancy (hated it), Sound engineering /
Occupation: I work at the gift shop I have with my mother /
Favorite colour: Blue, of course! /

What is your dream?

Doing something extraordinary, finding my special call (yeah not very specific).

What makes you smile?

Other people smiles and seeing my people rise. Also my dog Nemo that I inherited frrom my father.

What do you like the most of greece?

The sun and the way we live in Greece.

What are you most proud of?

My mother! For not ever giving up.

Do you ever wear slippers?

Not yet! But if you need me again for the picture, I would wear them with proud !

Artemis is definitely my favorite goddess

Φιλίνα Λιτσογιάννη

Filína Litsogianni

Date of birth: 10-12-1998 /
Place of birth: Kiveri, Greece /
Study: Speech & Language therapy /
Occupation: This summer I worked as a seller woman at my friend’s Fainias store with clothes and accessories «Sweven» in the old city of Nafplio. Where I met you girls! /
Favorite colour: My favorite color of all is turquoise, especially on small details! /

What is your dream?

My dream is  giving love, help, support, solutions through my relations, my job, my occupation in all my life to my family, to my friends, to my co-workers, to my social circle. That‘s my dream, as simple as it seems!

What makes you smile?

I smile with a kind move, with an expression of love, with a nice compliment, with my favourite rock song in the car, with the first sip of a gooood black coffee in the morning!

What do you like the most of greece?

Diving into the blue sea, lying at a not crowded beach on the pebbles, walking by a river at a mountain is what I like most of Greece! The feeling that you get is priceless!

What is your favorite Greek Goddes?

My favorite goddess is definitely Artemis, the goddess of the nature, the mountains, the moon, the hunting, the animals. I always admire her strength, her independence, her energy and her love for nature.

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of my ability of choosing kindness over not caring is something I work for everyday!

If you could design your own slipper, which colours would you use?

If I could design a pair of slippers for myself, I would choose beige and light brown colours with details of mustard color and light pink!I want them to feel and look warm and cozy!